Faculty Summer Adventures: Part 4

Our drawing instructor, Carol Fabricatore, went to Mexico.

One of the things I did during my summer break was participate in a two week studio intensive in Oaxaca, Mexico through SVA Arts Abroad with Mary Jo Vath and Steve De Frank. I had some wonderful studio time there to work. What an amazing place and trip! It’s the sort of place that reminds you that you’re alive. It attacks all of your senses; the beauty of the Mexican people, vibrant colors, multilayered textures, demonstrations and celebrations in the streets, and stories around every corner. I wanted to capture everything! I visited the archeological sites of Monte Alban, and Mitla, and saw some of the beautiful valleys and it’s indigenous people. I went to many of the traditional markets and artisan villages in Oaxaca and surrounding towns. Even though it was sometimes difficult to draw in the 100 degree heat, I was inspired by the art, culture, people, and the stories and motivated to create as much as possible during the time I was there, and in the weeks since.