The Book Show: Class of 2018

An annual exhibition curated by department chair Marshall Arisman and faculty member Carl Titolo, “The Book Show” challenges students to conceive, write and illustrate a book—whether a children’s book, graphic or illustrated novel, or visual essay—based on a personal experience or subject matter that is meaningful to them.


Featuring works by:

Jung Yeon (Ava) An . Anagh Banerjee . Annelise Caposella . Alejandro Chen Li . Kyung Chyun . Alfonso de Anda . Severin Ek . Wenyi Geng . Joe Gough . Giselle Harrington . Clara Kirkpatrick . Stephen Procopio . Nikki Smetters . Deena So'Oteh . Colin Verdi . Yiwen Wang . XiaoHua Yang . Jinny Zhang . Vikki Zhang