The Book Show: Class of 2017

An annual exhibition curated by department chair, Marshall Arisman and faculty member Carl Titolo, “The Book Show” challenges students to conceive, write and illustrate a book—whether a children’s book, graphic or illustrated novel, or visual essay—based on a personal experience or subject matter that is meaningful to them.


Featuring works by: 

Brian Britigan . Erica Chan . Audun Grimstad . Shreya Gupta . Mago Huang . Genevieve Irwin . Jin Xiaojing . David Leutert . Aura Lewis . Helen Li . Amber Ma . Wenkai Mao . Eugenia Mello . ShinYeon Moon . Ryan Raphael . Nicole Rifkin . Francisco Rodriguez . Ignacio Serrano . Meghan Templehof

*This event has passed.