Book Seminar: Class of 2018

"A Report to an Academy" is an exhibition of student work based on the short story by Franz Kafka, curated by department faculty member and alumnus Viktor Koen (MFA 1992 Illustration as Visual Essay).


Featuring works by: 

Jung Yeon (Ava) An . Anagh Banerjee . Annelise Caposella . Alejandro Chen Li . Kyung Chyun . Alfonso de Anda . Severin Ek . Wenyi Geng . Joe Gough . Giselle Harrington . Clara Kirkpatrick . Stephen Procopio . Nikki Smetters . Deena So'Oteh . Colin Verdi . Yiwen Wang . XiaoHua Yang . Jinny Zhang . Vicky Zhang

*This event has passed.